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I know it is a bit early to start looking at home automation while we haven’t started building yet. However I think it’s an important part to include it right at the start of the overall design. For us the essential part is safety followed by comfort. And yes, by implementing a home automation system we are also saving energy. For example by ensuring lights are switched off if no-one is in the room. And no, we don’t have to wave our arms to make sure the sensor monitors our movement. Nowadays there are a lot more intelligent ways the home automation system knows where you are.

Smart Home

Home automation - smart home

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So I’ve started to talk with an expert in this field to guide us and help to create our home automation plan. My list of requirements are slowly growing but the essentials are:

  • secure the house when we are not there
  • ensure integration of fire, smoke & carbon monoxide sensors
  • a surveillance system
  • a smart intercom for the front gate

The nice to have part is slowly increasing too:

  • electric automated gate system
  • light control (home & garden)
  • temperature control
  • garden watering system
  • door locks

Hhhmmm, while looking at the project plans I see that they planned to have a TV antenna on the roof and 4 TV connections in the house ? But … even now we actually don’t use the TV cable, we just connect to the internet with our smart TV so … let’s cut that out of the plans.

I guess that it’s easy to forget that certain things we are so used to, change and some of them change fast. So even our home automation plan could be slightly outdated by the time we actually start to implement it – oh well. It’s just a plan – we can always change it – can’t we?

smart home automation
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