33. Threads, Diggers and Crushed Stones

Yep, we are finally starting our build. We can see something now … well some threads, diggers and crushed stones at least.

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Threads and diggers

It’s funny how you can get emotional seeing some colourful threads between some metal pins in the ground. When we followed those threads we could see the outline of our new home. After so many months and months of talking and pushing, waiting and … waiting. And one day there was a digger and made a hole in the ground. Even more excitement 🙂 And another day they filled the hole in the ground with ground stones. So basically we’re really moving forward now.

Crushed stones layer

We had a small level conflict, i.e. one part of the terrain was higher than anticipated. So we had to do an extra thick layer of crushed stones (ka-ching! 💶💶) to ensure that our house isn’t going to be lower than the garden.

However, so I am told, it’s important to add a layer of crushed stone beneath the concrete layer first. The benefits of placing crushed stone under concrete serves several purposes and benefits.

eco friendly building threads diggers and crushed stones

Provide a Level Surface

Crushed stone under concrete provides a level surface for you to lay our foundation on. If we would pour concrete directly over the ground, it could erode away over time. This would cause our slab to sink. So the solid foundation that the crushed stone layer provides will offer the support the concrete needs.

Likewise, if there are tree roots or other plant matter under your slab, these could rot, and this could also cause the slab to become uneven. When you pour concrete over the crushed stone, you won’t have to worry about this happening because the rock is solid and won’t erode.

eco friendly building threads diggers and crushed stones

Allows for Water Drainage

Concrete is porous, and will therefore absorb water after a heavy rain. This water can pool underneath your slab unless some form of drainage is provided. Should this happen, your slab can actually erode a bit over time.

Adding crushed stone under concrete is an excellent way to allow water to drain, because it can flow through the spaces between rocks, thereby preventing it from standing underneath the surface. It also provides a barrier between the soil and the slab so that excess moisture does not come into contact with the bottom surface either.

eco friendly building threads diggers and crushed stones

Avoiding Settlement Cracks

Many times, settlement cracks are caused by the ground underneath the surface moving or shifting. This tends to happen whenever the soil is not tightly compacted.

So by adding crushed stone under concrete, you will reduce the odds that the ground underneath your slab will shift, thereby making it less likely that you will see settlement cracks as time goes on.

can’t wait for next weeks excitement 🙂

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