Digging trenches (39)

It’s time for digging some trenches. While we’re “waiting” for the concrete of the walls and roof to dry out completely. Our main contractor DESAIN is taking the reins again and arranging connections to the necessary utility services. This includes our supplies of electricity, water and fibre internet as well as mains sewerage. Prevent digging… Continue reading Digging trenches (39)

Why choosing the right architects matters (38)

We took our time in choosing the right architects for our dream home. I truly suggest to anyone building a house, you really focus on finding the right match for you. You need to trust completely on the architects team as they will ensure that your dream home is delivered. For us it is enmedio… Continue reading Why choosing the right architects matters (38)

A roof over our heads (37)

It’s Monday morning and the Bilba Boys from Coin (Malaga) are back in town! This time they will build a roof over our heads. And again, they’ll do it within … a week ! We just went to the building site and they are busy setting up the scaffolding. All the insulation and steel is… Continue reading A roof over our heads (37)

Our walls arrived (36)

Our walls arrived last Monday! We signed the contract with BILBA on 31 December 2020. They started the process with SISMO and ordered our walls. And I must say, it’s a lovely sight to see something going up after all this while. You can read a bit more about the SISMO structure in an older… Continue reading Our walls arrived (36)

Stress while building a house (35)

No doubt – there is lots and lots of stress while building a house. It will certainly be one of the most stressful projects you’ll experience in your life. You can honestly become slightly overwhelmed. You’ll have to make countless decisions, all of which will feel monumental at the time. Even though stress levels have been… Continue reading Stress while building a house (35)