Architects that complement us (8)

I’m a planner and someone who likes to have things under control. It doesn’t mean I want to do everything myself though. It only requires me to spend time and build a team I trust to do the work in a professional manner within budget and within the time we planned for.  So to start off, I need someone in the middle of the circle that has the experience and knowledge to select the right partners as well as control the team. We need architects that complement us.

The people in the middle.

After months and months of searching we found the right people to guide and mentor us through the labyrinth.  Young professionals, openminded, able to listen and understand us.  That want to take on the challenge to create the most efficient and environmental friendly house we can afford.  Don’t forget we only have a small budget to build our eco friendly home and a big chunk of this goes to buying the piece of land on which we want to live.

enmedio - architects that complement us

Architects that complement us

When I had a first looked at their website [click] (available in English and Spanish) I was charmed by their philosophy and commitment. When we met I think the feeling was mutual from day 1. I remember bringing my “list” of what we wanted to build, a 67 page keynote presentation. Apparently that is not always how it works. Well, I pretty much know what I want, although I also realise that I can’t have everything on my list. Most importantly for me is the feeling between partners. I know they will complement us in lots of ways and I like to think we can contribute something to them as well. So … after several more meetings, we decided that they will be the people in the middle managing the build of our dream house. We’re signing the contract shortly and adding them to Our Partner Collective [click]. Another decision taken and a very exciting one !!

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