Building with carton (6)

building our eco friendly home in Spain

In order to visualise a bit better what we would need, I’m building with carton. Not the real thing like Wikkelhouse does but just some containers and other ideas to scale. Not sure if you know about the Wikkelhouse. The design utilizes high strength cardboard as the main element of the structure. During the production process, the house-shaped mold is wrapped with 24 layers of cardboard. In Dutch “wrapping” is called “wikkelen” hence the origin of this building with carton. Check out their website for more info [click]. Really love the idea of all these separate units that can be put together as per own your design.

Wikkelhouse from Wikkelhouse on Vimeo.


Just a type of dolls houses

But me, I’m just reusing some Amazon carton boxes, cutting them and folding them into small containers. With an open top so that I can add all the necessary furniture and see if we have enough space for us to use. It’s my way of making it more real than just drawing on a flat piece of paper. I know I know it’s like building little doll houses. It works though – we adjusted our floor plan!

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Now if you want to build your own carton box containers … you can always buy something nice from Amazon, like I do. And if you don’t mind, you can use my affiliate link, which in turn pays me a few cents towards keeping this website going. Here are my links to [click] and [click] or on the ads below on the page. Thanking you in advance 🙂

Trying to find that gem

Anyway, back to what we want to do. First some building with carton and when we have it all figured out … build our dream home for real. I’ve spoken with architects and companies that can make our dream home reusing old shipping containers. The problem …. prices are a lot higher than I anticipated. The other issue is that some are a bit … let’s say it nicely … too relaxed about confirming prices and possibilities. Sometimes I think they are not interested as they really aren’t very good at keeping their word. Nope … they are not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong not all are like that but … it’s bloody hard to find a gem. Although I do have a promising meeting scheduled with an architect bureau. Their website looks promising and they reacted within a few hours of me sending them an email. Fingers crossed. In the meantime … let’s have a look at that lovely Wikkelhouse again.

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