Control of the project (43)

This month (November), the balance of power is back in our hands. We’re in control of the project again.

I don’t think the builder realizes it yet but by putting the windows and the doors in, he has lost his hold over us. If he wants to say “I’m walking away from the build“, we will open the doors for him, smile and say our farewells.


Our beautiful windows were planned for July but just like everything they were not ordered until very late. It normally takes about 2 months to get the materials from the factory. With the current issues in the whole world it took 1 month extra. Such a shame that the builder didn’t order them straight at the start of the project. It’s not that they didn’t have the specs and measurements available. From day 1, our architects created a 750 pages documents detailing all the items of the build. They even urged the contractor to buy the materials so that they wouldn’t have any issues with prices going up. We signed a contract with a fixed price for the build so those costs would go straight to the bottom line of the contractor.

On a positive note

It’s wonderful to see that step by step our house is getting there. This really was a key step I was waiting for. To have control of the project is really important but to be able to see that your dream is becoming a reality is just … so wonderful.

Aluminios Irizo from Pilas, Sevilla really did a wonderful job in getting the windows in. We used STRUGAL to produce our aluminium frames and they took care of the rest. Within a few days we saw all of the windows carefully being put into their slot.

So we finally have a house with windoooows 🙂

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