Decision: Where do we want to live? (7)

decision on which For Sale sign where do we want to live?

It’s decision time: where do we want to live?. Like most things in life, the first option is often the one you really want. Somehow subconsciously you already made the decision but your rational side needs confirmation. So we checked and looked at a lot of other pieces of land …. only to come back to the first one.


decision on where where do we want to put our sold sign and live?

Well …. sometimes in life, when you go back to your first option, you’ll find that ….. you’re too late and it has been sold! So …. our search continues but I do believe we have learned from all this. We made the decision on where we want to live. It’s in an urbanisation just outside of Bollullos de la Mitación, a small town +/- 20 km from of Seville.


decision to mortgage to pay for where we want to live

We also need to have “our” money ready and available. As part of “our” money is also the banks money, we need to have all the paperwork in order to be able to move fast. I’ll write a separate entry on the banks in Spain. As it’s not always easy to find pro-active, issue solving, contributing, service orientated bank employees.


decision to stretch the budget on where we want to live

We realized that the place we are going to live is more important than other items on our list. Although we know it’s more expensive than we planned for. We really want to live in this area. All the convenience of living close to a small village and close to Seville, for our daily routines (family, work & school). In order to compensate for the higher cost, we need to redistribute our budget. In fact we are stretching it. This requires a lot of financial planning. In other words, moving around the pieces of the puzzle. A bit like a Rubik’s cube. The pieces remain the same. It’s just a matter of having enough patience to learn and move them when the time is right.

Find our plot!

Now we can focus on finding it much faster. All our attention is now on one small area. So I’m driving around, asking around and using the internet to find “our” plot of land. And …. were getting closer and closer in finding it! In fact … there is a plot that we liked and it’s available … again.

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