28. desain Sustainable Construction

One small step for a man, one giant leap for … the project. So happy we found our main contractor in desain – Sustainable Construction. These will be the people that will build our home. And both owners are local as well as seasoned and qualified professionals.

desain Sustainable Construction main contractor

About two weeks ago, we met with Antonio from “desain – Sustainable Construction” and he made a great impression on us. We went through their credentials, looked at the quality of their work and we generally just got to know each other. I believe it’s pretty important to have a good feeling, a match, when you meet the key people that will build your home. Being able to trust someone. Not only being capable and able to do the work. They have the means, the skilled experts in their teams. They will execute our architects plans in detail. And one more important item, they care about the quality of their work and our home.

Stepping deeper into details

Over the past weeks our architects team have been paving the way with them. Going through every detail of the project, adjusting where required and they have been responding to every question and change in a profesional manner.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to find out how the symbiosis will work with our architects, our technical architect and our main contractor. I’m keen to understand in detail everybody’s roles & responsibilities.

Things like; who will fulfil the role of site manager? Supervise the Health and Safety Project? Quantity & quality control the materials and their correct application? How we will all liaise with each other and decide on the many details that arise during the build? Anyway, fun stuff for the next few weeks. And as they all know: I’m stubborn on our vision and flexible on the details.


Neil Armstrong landed on the moon on the 20th July 1969 and 6 hours later he walked on it and said his famous words. It feels we have been flying for a long time and now we finally landed. desain Sustainable Construction has been added as our main contractor to our Partner Collective.

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