Digging trenches (39)

It’s time for digging some trenches. While we’re “waiting” for the concrete of the walls and roof to dry out completely. Our main contractor DESAIN is taking the reins again and arranging connections to the necessary utility services. This includes our supplies of electricity, water and fibre internet as well as mains sewerage.

Prevent digging trenches to avoid losing ground

Meanwhile, back at home … you should always be prepared for a tug of war on a variety of issues. Surprise costs because someone made a decision without telling you and now want to charge you for it. I don’t think you can prepare 100% for this but try and have all your contracts checked by local lawyers with expertise in this particular field. However even so, surprises can and will happen. Try and nip them in the bud. Solve them as quickly as you can so that the main focus of building your house is … actually building your house and not a lingering dispute. I personally, value honesty, sincerity and directness in order to getting things done. Don’t get stuck in just holding position. Focus on the end goal, be hard and be fair. In my eyes, you get where you want to be a lot faster.

Don’t forget you are ultimately responsible for all decisions taken by the companies and experts you hire to do their work. They are only responsible for their part in the whole project. You are the project director of building your home, even though there will be a series of project managers doing their part.

Back to building our eco friendly home

I know it seems a bit boring, seeing lots of earth and plastic tubes and pipes in the ground. And yes it’s all important so we can live inside with water and switch the light on etc. And WIFI ! my daughter says. And tell you the truth … to me, it is boring and slow. But … every detail has been thought about and planned so … let’s just let the experts do their jobs. And … let’s just wait for the more interesting things to happen, while looking at some more photos.

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