Dreams and reality (41)

“Don’t let your dreams just be dreams.”

Here we are with determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort to make our dreams become a reality. Stepping way out of our comfort zones. Battling our minds that just want to dwell in the comfort and status quo of what we have. Slowly, ever so slowly, we see our dream turning into a reality.

My dad’s dream.

My dream of building a house must have started a long long time ago. Dad used to say he wanted to build a wooden house here in Andalusia, Spain. Being Dutch and a carpenter, he wanted to build a simple vacation home, just outside of my mum’s birthplace Puente Genil, in the Córdoba province. He planned to retire to his Norwegian log cabin in sunny Spain. Alas, he was never able to build his dream home as he died when he was only 62.

My dream for my mum

Our idea from the start was to bring my mum over from Amsterdam and build her a small eco friendly home next to ours. My mum is almost 90 now and has dementia. With all the delays in our build, as well as dementia slowly progressing, I am starting to doubt if she will ever be spending her last days living here with us.

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been in Amsterdam with my mum, trying to figure out what the best way forward is. Hard times in deciding if we can still create the perfect place for her in Spain with all the necessary support in place or … not. This snails pace we are currently experiencing at our build is creating a big problem for us and I’m not happy about it at all. Meanwhile I’m coordinating all the support for my mum here in Amsterdam. She lives in her own flat and requires more and more support. In Holland this support has been delivered fast and efficient. I’m so used to getting the service you pay for that it’s not always easy in switching back to the reality in Spain.

dreams and reality

Dreams and reality back at the build

There seems to be a shortage of material in the world and prices are going up. Qualified people are also hard to find. Next to that, August the vacation month is around the corner and companies shut down for two weeks. However we just need to keep going and see where and how we can pick up the pace. This is where a contractor could shine. Finding solutions and planning the work accordingly. Allas I believe we are starting to see the first cracks in the team. Sometimes you have players that want to play in the highest league but are not ready yet to do so. And we all know that the weakest link on your team effects the performance of the entire team.

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