Garden, BBQ & swimming pool (15)

Today we have on the menu; the importance of a family BBQ but also pizza night. Yes! We are designing something we can start doing while waiting for all the licences; our garden, BBQ & swimming pool. So what do we want?

Swimming Pool

Obviously we would need to have a swimming pool. We are toying with several idea’s. Do we want to be “sporty” and put a “one lane” short olympic swimming pool (25m) in our garden? This in the hope we turn real swimmers and become fit all of a sudden. Or do we want to have a “normal” sized pool? So we can just cool down and play a bit in the water. We can also go for a small hot tub or jacuzzi but that really would be for the lazy wouldn’t it? And I mean “hot water” really? In our climate?

What materials do we use to build our pool? Concrete, pvc – that doesn’t sound very ecological, does it? I need to investigate a bit further on this part I think.

One thing we know is that we would love to have salt water instead of all the chemicals to keep the water clean. Friends of us have it and it really feels different on your skin. It’s softer and healthier as well. Anyway, after all that swimming we need to nourish ourselves and move to another area of our garden.

Outside kitchen / dining area

This is a key item of our garden, bbq & swimming pool area. Being able to cook outside and enjoy our meals in the open air. We are looking at about 8×4 meters, covered by a roof to shade us from the sun, with a small kitchen area where we can BBQ. Also, if at all possible, I would love to have a wood burning oven to bake our bread and pizza’s.

What I’m still unsure about is whether to go for an old fashioned Weber, a beautiful “kamado” style Big Green Egg or just for the more tradicional brick & mortar type here in Spain. They all have their pro’s and con’s.

On the other hand I’m not sure wether to even go for the wood & charcoal option. Maybe the more convenient gas option? Decisions, decisions, decisions ….. but … perhaps a combination of them all …

Chill seating area

Next to the kitchen I will build a “chill” seating area. A “living room” to hide when my daughter is playing on her flute or has giggly friends over. A place I can watch my rugby on the telly, maybe on Sundays even have a small siesta after all that swimming.

Fruit & Vegetable Garden

Now my father-in-law has a few fruit trees and all year round some fabulous fresh ecological fruit. Oranges, mandarins, lemons, apples, pears, …. So yes please! I want some as well. I’m lucky that he can teach me how to take care of them as I’m a complete novice in the garden. I did have a lemon tree a few years ago and was amazed with the amount of lemons it provided. I found loads of recipes using lemons but the homemade limoncello together with a piece of lemon/vodka pie were definitely the winners.

Also I’m planning to have a raised bed with a few veggies and herbs. Here in Spain the sun ripens tomatoes to a fantastic level. And pair that with loads of oregano, basil or rosemary .and unfiltered olive oil … mmmhhhh. Mouthwatering.

So in short I think we know what we want at the back of the land. A salty swimming pool, a BBQ, a pizza/bread oven, comfy seats everywhere and a telly to fall asleep to. I’ll be confirming what I can build without licenses next week. Except for the swimming pool I think all the above. As soon as we sign at the notary I’m planning to be hard at work transforming our dreams into reality. Oh and my cousin Antonio will be helping me a lot although he doesn’t know it yet!

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