End of the Build ? – (45)

end of the build

January 18, 2022 – day 351

Our administrative End of the Build (Fin de Obra) registered by our architects. The house is not finished 100% yet but we’re almost there. Finally there is an oficial list of items the builder needs to finish or fix. Also pretty important, we can finally start with all the administrative tasks related of finishing the build. And trust me there are loads of them.

February 22, 2022 – day 386

Today we are signing the Building Completion Certificate (Acta de Edificio Terminado). At least, our architects and me are eagerly awaiting our contractor. His car has “broken down” so he’s sending 2 members of his team. Alas we still see that several items on the 18 Jan. list have not been done. I have given them a deadline now. Either you fix it before 15th March or I don’t pay those items. Let’s see if this helps to get us to the end of the build.

March 7, 2022 – day 399

Quite a surreal meeting with the constructor and our architects. Not sure what the objective was on the constructor part but … I guess he failed miserably. We confirmed penalties in place for work not finished 100% correctly as stated on 22-02-2022. We also remind him that since that day no work has been ticked off the list and the clock keeps ticking. The build is still not 100% finished.

March 15, 2022 – day 407

Final invoice received from the builder. Alas 1 job still not done as well as awaiting oficial signatures of construction company on the Building Completion Certificate.

March 21, 2022 – day 413

Last job is being done and the quality is poor. What should we do? Give them another chance or just do it ourselves? It’s just so tiresome to see people fumbling the ball so many times. For example there was 1 tile in the bathroom that was not aligned correctly. Well there are more but this one really stood out. So with their 2nd attempt of putting 1 tile in place … they grout it with the wrong colour. 3rd attempt; instead of removing the wrong coloured grout … they add another layer on top of the wrong grout. So now … the tile stands out again. 4th attempt – they finally get it right. I mean … how many … to change a lightbulb? And we have a plethora of examples like this.

It’s Spring

So time to work in the garden and forget about everything. We’ve planted a few fruit trees; a lemon tree, an orange tree, a pear tree, 2 mandarin trees, an almond tree and a peach tree. We’re also using youtube to learn about sowing grass. Let’s see in a few weeks time if we have some nice green circles in the garden.

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