24. Fences & Trees

We have been looking at what type of fences we want and also at loads of lovely green trees & bushes to cover them up with. As a green wall is our favourite fence I guess the simplest thing to do is also the cheapest option. Just a simple torsion perimeter fence with trees and shrubs in front of it.

Now we’re planning this only for the sides of our land. The parts where we will have neighbours. The front entrance as well as our back view on the olive trees needs to be a bit more special. Something that will frame and guide our view.

Before we decide, we are going through all the possibilities. We are also considering using recycled materials and are browsing architectural salvage shops for materials. Recently we saw some old wrought iron fences that looked a pretty good way to go.

So straight in front of the fences, we need to put up some trees or shrubs.

Nerium Oleander (Adelfa)

When you drive through Southern Spain, next to almost every motorway there are these great big shrubs with white, pink or red flowers. It’s one of the most poisonous commonly grown garden plants. But … I love them. They are beautiful and they do so well here without the need of a lot of water. They bloom from April through to October. So we will definitely have a few of those on the sides of our land.

We also have a few beautiful old oak trees on our plot of land. Some of them seem to be right on the border with our neighbour. So we will need to be careful in order not to damage the roots of the trees when we put the fencing up.

As we’re investigating, we’re learning that the simple torsion fences tend to buckle quicker than the more rigid electro welded fences. These green fences look better and the price is not that much higher either so … When can we put them up?

fences & trees


Ideally we would like some galvanised steel gabion baskets for the front part. However we’re still trying to figure out how the front garden should look like. So we’ll sort that out in a few weeks time

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