First Proper Calculations (11)

We are finally getting our first proper calculations for the build of our eco friendly home. Elena & David have supplied us with a comprehensive checklist. I double checked this list with everything we already had on our own list and made one rather large list of costs. Now we finally feel more in control. Hopefully the actual costs when they start coming in will be within our estimates!

Cost split

In our first proper calculations our architects split all the costs and tasks into the following 10 main categories.

  1. Plot of land – (Suelo)
  2. Price of building work – (Coste Obra de Ejecución)
  3. Technical costs – (Costes Técnicos)
  4. Building license – (Licencia de Obras)
  5. Deeds, taxes, insurance and others – (Escrituras, impuestos, seguros y otros)
  6. Supplies (water/gas/electricity) – (Suministros)
  7. General expenses – (Gastos Generales)
  8. Financing – (Financiación)
  9. Other – (Otros)
  10. Certificates & seals – (Certificados y sellos)
first proper calculations to build our eco friendly home

Project objectives

I have taken those categories and spread them out into our 4 project objectives (phases).

  1. Owning a plot of land
  2. Building license in hand (“Licencia de Obra”)
  3. Certificate of Occupancy in hand (“Cédula de Habitabilidad”)
  4. Personalisation of our home

So now, knowing all this, we can estimate when we need what money and build our financing model around it. In other words, when we raid our piggy bank and when we beg the bank.

I’m making this all available on our “project Esencia” page. However it is a “live project” so items will be added or taken out when required. Most of it will be in Spanish as it is our base working document.

Time planning

In order to know what step needs to be paid when I’m scheduling them into the months I expect them to be.

Objective 1 was due end of December 2018 but it hasn’t finalized yet. 6 months after completing phase 1, we should have the design and all the paperwork sorted. Which means we can finally start building our eco-friendly home around September 2019. I anticipate another 6 to 9 months for that part. So that means my timeline goes from may 2018 when I started to may 2020. 2 years !! Let’s hope we can live on our land faster …

… well there is always a possibility to perhaps build a Tiny House …

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