Gotta Keep Pushing (42)

The grey rain clouds are approaching fast and everything is going at a snails pace. We have to keep pushing on a daily basis. It is looking more and more that the builder is not capable to fulfil the promises and good intentions he had. We should have been living inside our new home. 2 august was the original handover date. However it seems that the builder is just not in control of the build. And our beloved life’s project is absorbing way more time than planned.


keep pushing stress

In order to ensure some progress, I’ve paused my daytime job in order to be at the build every day. Continuously pushing their project manager as well as detecting quality control issues and ensuring they act upon them. This together with living in a costly rented property. And all the stress for all members of our family are using up a lot of energy. Another major issues is that because of the delays, I’m not able to bring my mother from the Netherlands to Spain to take care of her.

Keep pushing or find another solution ?

We were faced with making this decision. We opted for the “keep pushing” strategy to slowly gain more control of the build and thus not loosing more time and money. It’s not a place you want to be in or even thought of when starting a major dream project. Of course we could find another builder to take over. However, the builder has finally placed the order for our windows and delivery slots are scarce. So, … let’s see if we help the builder with their planning and quality issues we can pick up the pace again. Switching builders mid project is not ideal, I don’t think. And who says the new builder will deliver what they promise? So … we’ll keep pushing for now.

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