Let’s build our eco friendly home! (1)

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just buy a piece of land and build our own eco friendly home?” 

“Well? … Why don’t we?”

May 2018

I’m not sure how we started this journey. Perhaps it was when we were visiting one of our friends and really liked the surroundings. Or was it while watching Kevin McCloud’s “Grand Designs” on the telly?  Maybe we just outgrew our apartment?  Also the urge to cash in on the surplus value of our current apartment could have been the catalyst.  Probably just like anything in life, it is just a combination of all these things and a few more. Nevertheless … can we build our own eco friendly house?


So how do we build it?  Can we afford it?   How does it work here in Spain?  Where do we start?


Internet is the answer to everything. Mr. Google knows it all, doesn’t he?  Let’s investigate!

In the beginning ….

We live in southern Spain, Andalusia.  Close to Seville where the sun shines in the summer and the winters are mild compared to where I grew up.   We are a family of three.  My wife and daughter are Spanish and I was born in Amsterdam. While my dad was Dutch, my mum is from Cordoba, Spain.  So I was brought up mixing the two cultures and languages.  We live in a nice duplex apartment in the middle of a small town, just outside Seville.

And now, well now we are trying to find out if we can afford to build our house in a place we want to live.  Ideally we would have an ecological house and build loads of it ourselves.  With solar panels, a “grey water” system to re-use water, a green roof, triple glazing, maximum insulation in the walls,  heat pumps that extract energy from the cooling or heating the house, a salt water swimming pool, ….  Our list of what we would love to have just grows and grows …. but … our budget doesn’t!

Can we afford it?

Before we continue dreaming of all the things we would love to have. In other words ….🤠 what does it all cost to build our eco friendly home?

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