Moving Day (44)

moving day

It’s moving day !! Although the house is not 100% finished we want to be in our new home for Christmas. And won’t take no for an answer.

We have warm water, electricity so it’s time to “slowly” start moving our belongings to our new home. We also had a slight problem with some people stealing stuff from the building site, copper thieves. They smashed the solar panel on the roof and took all the copper pipes out. They also stripped any copper that was attached outside to the house (for the air conditioning units). And even dug up some electricity cables. So I’ve been sleeping on a mattress in the living room with a small but sharp axe next to me for the past 2 weeks. Every hour I did my rounds in my pyjamas and axe. Quite a scary sight I guess as we haven’t had any problem since.

We all know moving is stressful, I moved about 20 times and also across a few countries. Since I also have to do loads of DIY inside as well as outside the house. As well as the fact that I’m getting older. We decided that we’re going to use a small moving company. Our new kitchen appliances are going straight to the new house. So we “only” need to pack everything in lots of boxes. Yes, lots and lots of boxes.

Is the house ready?

No, it isn’t but when you have been waiting for so long. I’ve been continuously pushing the builder and getting frustrated with their lack of ownership that this move is the next phase of pushing them into getting their act together. The house is not painted yet, doesn’t have any doors except for the main entrance of course. We don’t have all the cupboards yet, to store our clothes. No kitchen yet, although we have a small camping cooker and of course our new fridge and freezer. But …. we are living in our new house and … we even put up a Christmas tree 🎄

The fact that there is water dripping out of the wall in our bathroom as they didn’t connect the drain properly and we’ve had to break some tiles, fix the pipes, dry the wall, put new tiles on doesn’t stop me from being so excited that we are getting there. Yes of course, there is a huge list our contractor needs to work on and fix or just complete but that feeling when my family woke up that first Christmas day in our new home … just … priceless.

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