31. Moving in day

It’s moving in day – Finally it’s time to move to our new home. The magical 10-10-2020 day has finally come … or … has it?

Perhaps due to being ‘slightly’ optimistic, I expected that we would be packing boxes now and unpacking them at the other end. It all seemed so simple back when we started. We want a small house, just enough for the three of us on a nice plot of land.

Perhaps due to not having a big budget to spend and not being able to say just build it and I’ll pay whatever it costs. Prices seem to grow without having to give them water or nutrients.

Perhaps it’s a cultural issue that a generous amount of companies don’t stick to what they promise. ‘I’ll send it to you tomorrow, at the latest at the end of the week‘. If only I would have received a 10% discount every time I heard that and … It never arrives within timeframe. We have to chase them again and again. The “blacklist” just grows and grows.

Sometimes when we get fed up with it all. We drive to our piece of land and breath for a while. It’s not only the fresh air and the calmness of the place. It gives us a bit of peace. It helps us focus on the end goal. And we can forget about all the issues. At least for a little while.

moving in day

Trash to cash

We have to do something today as it’s not moving in day … yet!

mmhhh … I guess it’s not only a good idea to get rid of the clutter and to give items a second chance in life, but also to turn our “trash” into cash by selling it. Now that I think about it, I still have plenty of “trash” in Amsterdam as well. I left it there when I moved to Spain … about 10 years ago now. I can definitely sell some of that stuff and get some money for it.

moving in day
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