New Year finally brought us contracts (32)

New Year brings final deals

After months of trying to find the best solutions for our little home, we are all ready to sign contracts. Our architects team, the main contractor, our wall structure contractors, our bank director and … us. We all worked and solved so many little things. All bound by getting costs to the levels we can afford. Now we are definitely ready to start to see some action on our land.

First of all, we are blessed with our architects Elena & David and their entire team. We are only a small client but we have received an enormous amount of support, expertise, creative thinking and a lot of solutions orientated working from all of them.

Main Contractor

Our main contractor desain SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION, led by Antonio, put quite some hours in the months leading up to signing the contract. His calmness and detailed support & technical knowledge on every line of the project, impressed us. In addition, we like the fact that they are a local construction company with lots of experience. A small team of professionals will build our new home. In conclusion, all of the above gave us the confidence required to sign the contract.

edit: Alas, we were wrong in choosing them as our main contractor – they required too much time and attention to keep moving and they missed almost all targets.


Bilba is a family run business with extensive professional knowledge in the construction sector.. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we couldn’t meet face to face. However we chose them because of their prompt replies on all communication as well as the fact that SISMO introduced us. We signed the contract digitally. They will build the walls of our home using the SISMO panel structure.

You can find an explanation of the SISMO panels in our blog here.


We have been partnering up with our bank director Paco for years using his experience and especially his willingness to think with us in our creative ways of financing our projects. And again we have been able to close the deal with Caja Rural del Sur. They will supply us our mortgage to fund our dream behind the black ink on an 800 page digital document that will be our eco-friendly home.

In conclusion… we are making a big step forward in solidifying our partner collective.

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