Our Partner Collective

The type of partners I’m looking for are experts in their respective fields of knowledge. Willing to cooperate in a collective to achieve something special. I really believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In the middle of the circle we will have people with the experience and knowledge to select the right partners as well as control the team & the tight budget.

We are taking our time to select the right people and create our Partner Collective. And will update this page each time we sign a new partner. Interested in working with us [click]

Who will be the first ones to sign ? Let’s find our partners and experts!


Our people in the middle are our architects; David Moreno Rangel & Elena Vilches Álvarez from enmedio studio in Seville, Spain.

partner and experts building our  friendly eco home

We matched with them from the moment we met. For me it’s very important to have a great feeling with the people that are going to build something so personal as your home. When you read their philosophy on their website [click] you can see their commitment to all the items we find important too. The importance of understanding what the end user needs and wants. Finding the balance between sustainability and costs. Using their experience but also not being afraid of trying new things, experiment to improve. Total control of the project. All this next to their creativity will ensure that I can sleep at night!

Main Contractor

We are really happy to announce that we have finally found another key partner and expert – our main contractor. Meeting with them, they gave us the confidence that they are professionals and have been delivering quality products & services for a long time. It’s great that they are actually a local company and are aligned with what we are trying to achieve.

edit: Allas, we were wrong about our main contractor and have paid for our mistake.

Structural construction

partner and experts building our  friendly eco home

Another addition to our partner and expert collective: SISMO Building Technology Spain. We have decided to go for these high quality construction panels made in Marbella, Malaga. It’s a complete structural solution providing a perfect envelope, thermally and acoustically. It also helps us a high energy certification. I blogged about it here.

partner and experts building our  friendly eco home

Bilba is a family run business with extensive professional knowledge in the construction sector. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we couldn’t meet face to face. However we chose them because of their prompt replies on all communication as well as the fact that SISMO introduced us. They will build the walls of our home using the SISMO panel structure.


partner and experts building our  friendly eco home

We have been partnering up with our bank director Paco* for years using his experience and especially his willingness to think with us in our creative ways of financing our projects. And again we have been able to close the deal with Caja Rural del Sur. They will supply us our mortgage to fund our dream behind the black ink on an 800 page digital document that will be our eco-friendly home.

(* from Caja Rural del Sur, ofice 0324 Sevilla Urbana 27, Av. Reino Unido Esq. c/. Dresde 1, 41012 Sevilla)

Geotechnical Surveyors

geotechnical surveyors partner and experts building our  friendly eco home

We found our geotechnical surveyors in a team from Malaga province. They provided us with a detailed analysis of our land which is the basis for everything we will build on it. They worked fast and professionally and the report gave our architects exactly what they needed to know. I … well I didn’t quite understand all those pages of information. However I did understand the summary – all GO!.