Our Partner Collective

The type of partners I’m looking for are experts in their respective fields of knowledge. Willing to cooperate in a collective to achieve something special. I believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In the middle of the circle we will have people with the experience and knowledge to select the right partners as well as control the team & the tight budget.

We are taking our time to select the right people and create our Partner Collective. And will update this page each time we sign a new partner. Interested in working with us [click]

Who will be the first ones to sign ? Let’s find our partners and experts!


Our people in the middle are our architects; David Moreno Rangel & Elena Vilches Álvarez from enmedio studio in Seville, Spain.

partner and experts building our  friendly eco home

We matched with them from the moment we met. For me it’s very important to have a great feeling with the people that are going to build something so personal as your home. When you read their philosophy on their website [click] you can see their commitment to all the items we find important too. The importance of understanding what the end user needs and wants. Finding the balance between sustainability and costs. Using their experience but also not being afraid of trying new things, experiment to improve. Total control of the project. All this next to their creativity will ensure that I can sleep at night!

Topographic Surveyor

partner and experts building our  friendly eco home

The next partner and expert is Simon. We contacted Simon and although his part in the overall project is small, he still plays a key role. Having a detailed and accurate picture of our land reduces the risk of costly downstream mistakes caused by unforeseen issues. Revealing any information that might be hidden from plain sight. Our expert partner provides our architects with the necessary information to create correct and suitable designs for our property’s unique features.