Our walls arrived (36)

Our walls arrived last Monday! We signed the contract with BILBA on 31 December 2020. They started the process with SISMO and ordered our walls. And I must say, it’s a lovely sight to see something going up after all this while.

You can read a bit more about the SISMO structure in an older post. But in the following pictures you can see how quick it all goes.

Sunday 4 April 2021

Walls arrived from Marbella

Early Monday morning the BILBA team arrived from Málaga and unloaded their tools. Shortly thereafter our walls arrived from Marbella and the Bilba team started putting them up. All panels are numbered and fit together as a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Monday 5 April 2021
Tuesday 6 April 2021

Technical controls

Wednesday morning was the first control of our architect David and our technical architect Encarna. They went over all the items and area’s that needed their attention together with Javier from SISMO as well as the BILBA team and including Antonio from DESAIN.

Like with anything you create or build, you will always find issues. And all issues will be solved before they become major problems. Hence the importance of choosing professionals that are capable of finding them as well as solving them. In our case before they start pouring the concrete.

Pouring the concrete sandwich

Thursday afternoon all the players were set to pour the concrete. We had the concrete 12km away (in Coria del Rio) ready for action. We had mister P. from Zamora on the controls to move the concrete from the truck to just above the walls. Absolutely amazing how mister P. moved the concrete gracefully from the truck exactly where it was required at that point in time. And of course we had the Bilba team ensuring that the concrete went in-between the two layers of wall insulation. Next to this we also had samples of the concrete taken to test in 7 days and 28 days to ensure that the concrete is to the standards required. From 16.00 to 20.30 all these people worked perfectly as a well oiled team.

They, as did I, went home tired and after a long shower, a cold beer and some pizza, it was time to slide into bed.

Our walls in a week

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