Patience and Pinterest (18)

After a bit of action on our land it’s quiet again. “Waiting” seems to be the biggest action in our project plan. Patience, more patience and … Pinterest, of course! The world’s catalog of ideas.

Hours and hours of browsing and finding those beautiful things that we also want to have or dream about. Or just spark that great new idea that we could do. Saving pins and trying to categorize them on boards in order to be able to remember them when we are finally able to do something. Apparently we have about 2600 pins of “great ideas” and it’s still growing.

patience and pinterest


If you too have enough patience and want to have a quick peek at our 2600 pins, you can follow us on Pinterest here. There are a few items we are 100% sure about and others we just don’t know yet.

For example, 4ourKitchen we want a kitchen with a view, an island to cook on and looking out towards the back garden (not these colours) .

4ourBedrooms we really want a window seat with a view to read books or just chill.


We have 3 spaces planned in our eco friendly home. A living space, a space where we sleep and an outdoor space. The beauty of sifting through all these pins and boards on Pinterest is to narrow down what we really need and want. With a wee bit of patience and Pinterest, we are helping ourselves in understanding our taste and requirements. As a result we can now focus on finishing the detailed design with the architects.

Cake, Coffee & Architects

Patience and pinterest - Photo by jonas mohamadi from Pexels

We are having regular design meetings with our architects, Elena & David and their team. Slowly we are zooming in on what we want and also not unimportant … what we can afford. As we don’t have unlimited funds we are having to find the right balance of everything we discuss. There is a great interaction between us and because of this we continuously improve on ideas. Oh and all this we do while eating some fabulous cake and drinking coffee, of course.

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