They poured the concrete slab (34)

Today was the day when the experts poured the concrete slab. So now it’s a matter of curing it. In other words, waiting and ensuring it dries the way it should.

The bulk of the work for the slab was in the excavation and form building. For us this means that we can see the shape of our house now. As well as that things are moving along nicely now.

pour concrete slab our eco-friendly home

The last bits were set up before they poured the concrete slab.

pour concrete slab our eco-friendly home

Some friends mentioned we should push our hands or feet in the wet concrete 🙂 Since I’m in Amsterdam at the moment I can’t but … they are right a freshly poured concrete slab is too good to waste. Therefore, when I’m back and the path from the front gate to the front door will be done … well .. we will take the opportunity to leave our handprints or names for posterity.

Hollywood Boulevard

So I’ve been reading up on this and apparently the window of opportunity for well formed handprints isn’t very large. The poured concrete remains soft enough to stamp for only a few hours.

So what should we do:

  • We should lubricate our hands with olive oil to get a good impression and avoid pulling concrete off the path.
  • Position each hand just above the concrete and push down with moderate pressure
  • And then lift our hands straight off the concrete and wash them immediately. As concrete is caustic, and can cause burns if it stays in contact with your skin.
  • If we’re unhappy with the print, erase it with a trowel, re-lubricate your hands and try again (and again…)

We’ll give it a go and see if we can create our own Hollywood Boulevard 🙂

The walls are planned to arrive week starting 5 April !! Straight after easter week (Semana Santa) here in Spain.

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