Our Project Plan step-by-step

Our Project Plan takes us step-by-step from our simple ideas to the actual building of our eco friendly home. Here we will deposit and update, our Project Plan as well as our detailed cost overview.

*** PLANNED UPDATE APRIL 2021 *** current status: fase 3

Dividing our Project Plan

We have divided the project into 4 main objectives after the initial decision of “go / NO-go”.

  1. Owning a plot of land
  2. Building license in hand (“Licencia de Obra”)
  3. Certificate of Occupancy in hand (“Cédula de Habitabilidad”)
  4. Personalisation of our home

Genesis: “Go / NO-go”

Before we decided to build our home we had long discussion on, for us, important issues. The main one being “can we afford it?”. Another important one was “do we really, really, really want to do this project?”. We had never done this before. Are we up to it? Can we handle the stress and the pressure? It’s so much easier just to buy a house already built.

Our way of making the decision easier was to try and get all the possible costs and steps into a spreadsheet. I like to have an overview of what is required and also when, before we decide if we will do it.

1. Terra Nostrum: Owning a plot of land

Simply: find a plot land, find the owner, sign a contract, pay the owner, get all the paperwork done and pay the taxman.

In theory it really could be this simple but … you might run into some issues along the way. I think flexibility is often required and try not to forget what you want to achieve and can afford.

some pics of our land

Project “Terra Nostrum” step-by-step details – 1 [click]

2. Esencia: Building license in hand (“Licencia de Obra”)

Simply: find architects and inform them what you want and what you don’t want, allow them to do their work, receive all the necessary paperwork: 1. receive a detailed project plan to build the house, 2. get a mortgage from the bank, 3. pay for all the stamps & licences to get the final piece of paper to be able to start the build.

Well … this will be an interesting ride. I’m so looking forward to having to start making 10 thousand decisions on our dream home. We are currently still in phase 1 so I can only assume that just like any big project … we will have lots of surprises, some good and others … will test our abilities and patience. However really eager to start working together with the architects and plan every step of the eco build.

Project “Esencia” step-by-step details – 2 [click]

3 Magnum Opus: Certificate of Occupancy in hand (“Cédula de Habitabilidad”)

Simply: build our Boomerang house according to plans and get all the paperwork done so that we can live in our new home.

I hope we can sit in a comfy chair in the shade with a cold drink and see how the professionals build our dream home. hahahaha yeah right!

Project “Magnum Opus” step-by-step details – 3 [click]

phase 4: Personalisation of our home

Simply: ensure that all the little things that will make our lives in our home better.

From selecting and adding a kitchen to our new home to installing all the lights. From moving our belongings from our current home to creating some new furniture for our home. There will also be some items we will need to take out of phase 3 due to budget restrictions. One way to get them back in is to do them ourselves. We are willing and open to work and will drag our friends with us to help us make it all possible. Cold beers will be available AFTER the work is done.

managing project plan step-by-step

Our job

Our key job is to ensure that all the professionals working on the project are available and ready at the right time. Although from time to time we will take on additional responsibilities.

Objective 1: Terra Nostrum – Owning a plot of land

Costs items in detail (p1)

  • Importe Compra Suelo ✔︎
    • de empresa –> 21% IVA ✔︎
    • de particular –> 8% ITP (<400.000€)
  • Escritura ✔︎
    • Notario ✔︎
    • Registro ✔︎
    • Mod 600 AJD ✔︎
    • Gestoria ✔︎
  • Tributos ✔︎
    • Plusvalias ✔︎
    • IBI atrasados ✔︎
  • Honorarios Suelo API ✔︎
    • Agente de Propiedad Inmobiliaria (API) ✔︎
  • Gastos de Hipoteca ✔︎
    • Tasación ✔︎
    • Notario ✔︎
    • Haciendo ✔︎
    • Registro ✔︎
    • Gestoria ✔︎
    • Commission de apertura ✔︎


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Objective 2: Esencia – Building license in hand (“Licencia de Obra”)

Costs items in detail (p2)

  • Costes Técnicos
    • Estudio Geotecnico ✔︎
    • Levantamiento Topografico ✔︎
    • Honorarios Arquitectos (€/m2) ✔︎
    • Honorarios Aparejador (€/m2) ✔︎
    • Honorario Ing. Telecomunicaciones ✔︎
    • OCT (solo si suscribe seguro)
    • Probetas
    • Libro de Edificio
    • Honorarios Gestor del proyecto ✔︎
  • Licencias de Obras
    • ICIO (Impuesto sobre construcciones, instalaciones y obras) ✔︎
    • TASA Licencia de obra ✔︎
    • Fianza Gestión de Residuos (€/m2) ✔︎
    • Intereses Fianza Aval Bancario
  • Escrituras, Impuestos, Seguros, etc.
    • Visados Colegiales Arquitecto (€/m2) ✔︎
    • Visados Colegiales Aparejador (€/m2) ✔︎
    • Declaration de Riesgo de Obra (arquitecto) (€/m2) ✔︎
    • Declaration de Riesgo de Obra (aparejador) (€/m2) ✔︎

Objective 3: Magnum Opus -Certificate of Occupancy in hand (“Cédula de Habitabilidad”)

Costs items in detail (p3)