Shou sugi ban & slate (23)

I would really love to have some shou sugi ban & slate featuring in our eco friendly home. Even though I’m not sure where or in what form. Our architects have designed us a white house. White walls and a white roof. Therefore it will be a challenge to find a suitable place for some blackened wood and some natural dark stone.

Shou sugi ban

The ancient Japanese art of charring timber to provide a beautiful and long lasting waterproofed timber cladding. The manufacturing process is detailed, accurate and … even slightly dangerous. I mean, mixing wood and fire … So should we find an expert ? or do we follow some “expert” on YouTube and try it ourselves? mmmhhh I guess we could start the try and carefully burn some wood and if it fails we could always go to the expert.

I really love the textures the fire creates in the wood. It’s like a natural protective skin.

Shou sugi ban & slate


Spain exports an enormous amount of slate to Europe and most of the quarries are in Galicia, northern Spain. I would love to use some of this slate either on a roof or to cover a wall. I have had a look at various possibilities and ideas from CupaPizarras. The ideas are endless unfortunately our budget isn’t.

So … perhaps we can build a “black” shed or maybe we should build our visitors villa as a shadow of our white home. This could definitely be our little project when we are living there. Let’s focus on getting our white house first and after that … we can be creative as well as do some hands on work ourselves.

We could perhaps combine it all and put some black solar panels on the roof as well and use all the sunny hours every day throughout the year to our benefit.

So … shou sugi ban, slate & solar panels looks like it could be a nice little eco friendly project within the bigger project.

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