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We looked at getting a wooden house built in Latvia and having it sent over to Southern Spain. However prices were slightly higher than anticipated. We also looked at steel frame buildings but struggled to find a construction company that we could trust to build it properly for a decent price. So we turned to a 30 year old Belgian solution, a SISMO structure, which over the years has been adapted and improved upon.

sismo structure

Sismo Building Technology Spain

They call it a simple yet intelligent building system and that covers it pretty well. The basic structure of the SISMO building module is the steel wire lattice. At the exterior sides of the lattice, infill panels are inserted, which transform the lattice into a closed structure that can be filled with concrete. So basically you insert your insulation in this metal grid and stack them up. When you have your entire house built with these steel wire “boxes” you fill the middle part up with concrete.

The lattice as well as the infill panels are done at the factory here in Marbella, Malaga. Then they are loaded on a truck. They don’t weigh a lot because it’s just a ‘bit of steel with insulation’. On site you start building them on top of each other as per plan and ‘staple’ the wires together. In our case, in about 2 days you have the walls up and ready for the structural ‘stuffing’. So when the cement arrives on the 3rd day and pours it in from high above … well we, the client, can finally see our house in 3D instead of just on screens & paper. A similar solution is used for the roof … et voila … within a week or 10 days, we are a huge step further in living in our new house.

We’re really happy to include them in our Partner Collective.

So … it’s a fast, certified high quality construction system. It has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The result is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable construction that allows obtaining high-end energy efficiency certificates and a considerable saving with the electricity bill.

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