Slow is still forward (29)

We were expecting a Usain Bolt 100m sprint when building our home. Everything, in my mind, could be done within 9 months, 6 perhaps. Maybe a slo motion sprint but still a sprint. Now we are realizing that it’s more like the Iron Man triathlon distances but … slow is still forward.

  • 3.86 km swim in open water
  • 180.25 km bicycle ride with lots of mountains
  • and last but not least running a marathon, 42.195 kilometres.
rough sea but slow is till forward

Finding and getting our piece of land was a bit like the first part of the triathlon. Swimming in a rough sea and without having trained properly. But still … we kept swimming and swimming … and … slow is still forward.

Going across mountains on a tricycle

mountains but slow is still forward
tricycle but slow is still forward

Imagine you’re on a tiny little tricycle and this is the view you see. And you know that only when you’re on the other side of those mountains, you’ll get that piece of paper signed and you can start building. We are getting there while singing our mantra .. slow is still forward, slow is still forward, ….

Staying positive

It’s not always easy to stay positive but the trick we use, is to go to our piece of land when we hit another brick wall. This helps us to stay focussed and calm. Knowing that in the near future we will be living in our home right there, between those fabulous huge trees and right in front of the olive trees.

slow is still forward

In the hands of …

At this moment, we are waiting for the final sign off from the city architect. And this week we are starting our tour of the banks. Let’s see if the COVID-19 situation has changed the banks ideas on lending us some money. Our main contractor is eager and ready to start and so are we!

So let’s continue our mantra for the time being until we have the licence and the money in our hands.

Slow is still forward, slow is still forward, slow is …

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