Stress while building a house (35)

stress building a house

No doubt – there is lots and lots of stress while building a house. It will certainly be one of the most stressful projects you’ll experience in your life. You can honestly become slightly overwhelmed. You’ll have to make countless decisions, all of which will feel monumental at the time.

Even though stress levels have been high for a while now, I don’t think I’ve talked about this part yet. We followed some standard rules people mention.

Standard rules to avoid stress while building a house

  1. Research and find out what it is you want: There is no such thing as over-researching and planning. If you know what to look for and expect during the building process, you can be prepared if delays or problems arise and deal with them efficiently.
  2. Budget: A large source of stress during building is caused by financial worries.
  3. Choose the right plot of land:
  4. Work with a company you trust and get your contracts in order:
  5. Another key to reducing stress while building a house is keeping yourself involved in the process,
  6. Seek help selecting finishes:
  7. Ask Your Builder Lots of Questions
  8. Embrace your emotions. You’re building the home of your dreams and that comes with both excitement and stress. There will be ups and downs. It’s all part of the process.
  9. Accept the things you can’t change and focus your time and energy on the ones you can change

Some of the issues that bring stress

  • Timelines: almost never what they predict.
  • Costs: always higher.
  • Decisions: a million more than you ever thought you would have to make, particularly if you are picky.
  • Concerns about subcontractors doing a good job.

But …

Having said that, there is also excitement, a common project, the joy of envisioning what will be and simply said … having FUN!

  • we can have exactly what we need and want
  • our home will be built to the latest building standards
  • we can include modern design and technology
  • and it’s all ours.

Some sacrifices will be made, mainly in the dimensions of some rooms, but I believe that everything that matters most to us will be achieved and that a very pleasant home will remain.

So… let’s not forget all the positive things about the project and see our vision being build !!!

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