Financial conundrum with Caja Rural (40)

Let me tell you a little story about our conundrum with the financial wizards from Caja Rural del Sur, our bank. The story starts on the 4th of May when we sent an email to our beloved bank director. 48 hours later we hadn’t received an answer back so we called him. The powers that… Continue reading Financial conundrum with Caja Rural (40)

Banks in Spain – “hipoteca autopromotor” (9)

A bit of a rant perhaps but banks in Spain (and maybe everywhere) are not really very service orientated, are they? I’ve been to several banks and have spoken with the friendly person behind the first desk up to the directors of the bank. From mortgaging the land to “hipoteca autopromotor”. I’ve found one bank… Continue reading Banks in Spain – “hipoteca autopromotor” (9)