Why choosing the right architects matters (38)

We took our time in choosing the right architects for our dream home. I truly suggest to anyone building a house, you really focus on finding the right match for you. You need to trust completely on the architects team as they will ensure that your dream home is delivered. For us it is enmedio… Continue reading Why choosing the right architects matters (38)

New Year finally brought us contracts (32)

After months of trying to find the best solutions for our little home, we are all ready to sign contracts. Our architects team, the main contractor, our wall structure contractors, our bank director and … us. We all worked and solved so many little things. All bound by getting costs to the levels we can… Continue reading New Year finally brought us contracts (32)

Our Designs

Our design influencers: Mies van der Rohe – Farnsworth House Brillhart House by Brillhart Architecture Our architects Slowly but surely we are starting to see what our house will look like. Working title: Boomerang House. Holandrés

Our Partner Collective

The type of partners I’m looking for are experts in their respective fields of knowledge. Willing to cooperate in a collective to achieve something special. I really believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the middle of the circle we will have people with the experience and knowledge to… Continue reading Our Partner Collective