New Year finally brought us contracts (32)

After months of trying to find the best solutions for our little home, we are all ready to sign contracts. Our architects team, the main contractor, our wall structure contractors, our bank director and … us. We all worked and solved so many little things. All bound by getting costs to the levels we can… Continue reading New Year finally brought us contracts (32)

desain Sustainable Construction (28)

One small step for a man, one giant leap for … the project. So happy we found our main contractor in desain – Sustainable Construction. These will be the people that will build our home. And both owners are local as well as seasoned and qualified professionals (edit. or so we thought). About two weeks… Continue reading desain Sustainable Construction (28)

SISMO structure (27)

We looked at getting a wooden house built in Latvia and having it sent over to Southern Spain. However prices were slightly higher than anticipated. We also looked at steel frame buildings but struggled to find a construction company that we could trust to build it properly for a decent price. So we turned to… Continue reading SISMO structure (27)

Architects that complement us (8)

I’m a planner and someone who likes to have things under control. It doesn’t mean I want to do everything myself though. It only requires me to spend time and build a team I trust to do the work in a professional manner within budget and within the time we planned for.  So to start off,… Continue reading Architects that complement us (8)

Our Partner Collective

The type of partners I’m looking for are experts in their respective fields of knowledge. Willing to cooperate in a collective to achieve something special. I really believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the middle of the circle we will have people with the experience and knowledge to… Continue reading Our Partner Collective

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