A roof over our heads (37)

It’s Monday morning and the Bilba Boys from Coin (Malaga) are back in town! This time they will build a roof over our heads. And again, they’ll do it within … a week ! We just went to the building site and they are busy setting up the scaffolding. All the insulation and steel is… Continue reading A roof over our heads (37)

Our walls arrived (36)

Our walls arrived last Monday! We signed the contract with BILBA on 31 December 2020. They started the process with SISMO and ordered our walls. And I must say, it’s a lovely sight to see something going up after all this while. You can read a bit more about the SISMO structure in an older… Continue reading Our walls arrived (36)

SISMO structure (27)

We looked at getting a wooden house built in Latvia and having it sent over to Southern Spain. However prices were slightly higher than anticipated. We also looked at steel frame buildings but struggled to find a construction company that we could trust to build it properly for a decent price. So we turned to… Continue reading SISMO structure (27)

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