Tiny House on wheels (12)

building our eco friendly tiny house in Spain

I was talking to the friendly town architect to see if we could live on the land while we are building our home. I had loads of ideas of what I potentially could put down but … nothing is allowed. Except perhaps for … a Tiny House on wheels – eco friendly of course!

So let’s find a beautiful Tiny House. I searched the world (via the internet) and found several beautiful examples.

The rules in Europe are basically:

  • 3.500 kg maximum weight with BE drivers licence
  • 4.00 meters maximum height
  • 2.55 meters maximum width of the trailer
  • 12.00 meters maximum length of the trailer
  • 3.00 meters maximum width including the indivisible load

Tiny House Baluchon

A French team that builds beautiful eco friendly Tiny Houses. They are based close to Nantes about 1500 km away. So it is doable. I would get them to build it, and I would drive it back here to Spain. However … the price is more than we can afford right now. Check out their website [click].

Liberté Tiny Houses

Here a Dutch team that builds quality tiny houses. You can see more on their website [click].

We’ve had various ideas about how to incorporate a Tiny House into our home. A way of sharing our home with visitors. Tourists that are looking for a place to get away from their daily life. We also want to connect our visitors with our way of life. Enjoying our local food & drinks. Step-by-step our ideas are coming together. As we have a really nice climate here, outside space is a priority. An outside kitchen & dining area as well as a swimming pool for example are essential. I can already picture it, a Tiny House, an ecological fruit garden, a kitchen/dining/chill area and a swimming pool … mmmhhh.

So basically next to building our eco friendly home we are seriously thinking about adding another item to our project … a Tiny House. However to reduce the costs we are going to build it ourselves with the help of some friends of course.

If you want to see a bit more about the Tiny House life style and the journey of a particular tiny house from Holland to Scotland please have a look at this video.

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