17. Topographic & geotechnical survey

We started looking for land early May 2018 and just over 1 year later in May 2019 we were finally able to buy our piece of land, “Terra Nostrum”. This week we have had our topographic survey as well as a geotechnical survey done. We need to see where the exact borders are and our architects are eager to know what type of soil we have.

snapshot from Google Maps
snapshot from Google Maps

Topographic survey

topographic & geotechnical survey

We had both the experts arrive early morning. And while we enjoyed breakfast with our architects and discussed the following steps of our project, the team was hard at work. Simon, using some high tech tools, marked with little flags, where our land started and ended and informed us that our neighbours had put their temporary fence about 50cm on our land! But … on the other hand we were gaining more on another part of the land. Interesting! We need to sort this out so that we don’t get any problems in the future. Simon came recommended by Pablo, one of my many cousins here. He was really fast in supplying us with all the bits that our architects needed so a big thumbs up and welcome to our partner collective.

Geotechnical survey

topographic & geotechnical survey

The geotechnical survey was done by a team from Malaga province. Digging, measuring density, bagging up soil for further analysis and more stuff that I know nothing about 🙂 It’s quite exciting though to see people working on your land. The first physical actions on our virgin land.

A few weeks later, when they had done all their analyses, they provided us with a 114 page report which … well … I left to our architects to use. Most of it is just too technical for me. We just paid the bill and read the conclusion. Yes! We can build on it without any major issues and no additional costs!

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