Where do we want … ? (22)

where do we want

Where do we want our power sockets? Our lightbulbs to shine some light in the evening. Our shower head ? Where do we want … everything you can think of and … then some more.

Weekly meetings

We have started with our meetings to go through every detail of the building. This week it was the electricity plan, the lighting plan, the water …. It’s amazing to see how many details and decisions we will have to take. Luckily we have a great architects team that leads us through this. We just need to double check if there is anything we need or want to change to their set-up.

I think we have a fairly simple house. There are 2 bedrooms with their respective en-suite bathrooms and 1 kitchen / living room. Oh and a small visitors house. So how hard can it be right? 🙂

In other words, we would need a socket to charge the phone in the bedroom, a shower, a loo and a window or two. In the kitchen all the regular appliances, a sofa with a tv somewhere and … That’s it, isn’t it. How high do we want our sockets? euhm…. normal height? Bloody hell, it’s so easy to follow what the experts say but … I do like to know what we are saying yes to. So back at home I start checking every plan we discussed and than I double check and … change a thing or two. Well, they did say this is the time to do it and not when the workers are on site and actually building according to what we are planning now.

Dream big and scale back.

Next to all the details we are learning there is something important that I would have never thought of doing.

Our architects showed us that this is our chance to make something uniquely ours and at the start, we should go big on ideas. As things move forward we can always adjust these ideas to the budget and timeframe. Normally I’m more of a realist in that there are things that are beautiful but … we can’t afford. Therefore I did keep a list of everything we put in the project and separated them out in the “needs,” “wants,” “dreams,” and “don’t really wants.”

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