Why choosing the right architects matters (38)

We took our time in choosing the right architects for our dream home. I truly suggest to anyone building a house, you really focus on finding the right match for you. You need to trust completely on the architects team as they will ensure that your dream home is delivered. For us it is enmedio studio here in Seville, led by David Moreno Rangel & Elena Vilches Álvarez.

choosing the right architects enmedio studio


Above all, we’ve had the pleasure working with David & Elena for some time now. In addition also with lots of members of their team and each and everyone one of them have been amazing with us. I know I ask myself a lot of questions every day. But as I investigate, I solve most of these questions myself. However, there is quite a number I really need the professionals to guide me a bit further. The enmedio team of internal and external experts were amazing in explaining the ins and outs as well as reasoning behind loads of things. Trust me, I challenge every line of the 767 page project document so … that is not an easy task.

No is no

Assurance that someone is watching out for you. Every day there are issues on the building site. Smaller ones and bigger ones. Each and everyone of them will need to be solved. Some of these issues are solved without additional costs by the builders. What you always have to be really careful about is that some issues are solved without you, the client, knowing. The amount of issues that evolve and can have a financial impact or a design impact is staggering. I personally, don’t like these kind of surprises. Especially as we can’t afford financial surprises. So knowing that the architects have your back with all those daily detailed decisions is really important. They will fight the battle for you with the builders. No price increases, no design changes!

choosing right architects and waiting for their snack

Project Directors

Architects are qualified to lead integrated project teams, trained to think of other’s needs before their own. They are licensed to protect the health, safety and welfare of the project’s inhabitants. And they are dedicated to continuous learning. New systems, processes, new rules, new ways of doing things. They manage the project but they can also drill down to all the details required to make things happen. So yes, choosing the right architects matters.

Choosing the right architects

When I make important decisions, I don’t only use my analytical side of the brain but also the more human side. It has to feel right. I suggest you take your time when you talk to the people who will build your dream home. You have to feel confident that they are the people you can work with, for a long time.

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